A study of civic engagement among well-known bloggers



Author:Shu-Fen Tseng ,Chen-Cheng Ho


Keywords:weblog, blogger, citizenship, civic engagement




Whether the development and usage of information communication technology can enhance political participation and civic engagement was a heated issue. Some scholars argued that usages of ICT enhance civic engagement, while others suggested ICT might transform the way citizens engaged in civil society. This research aims at studying civic engagement behaviors among those well-known bloggers who might represent the leadership in Internet community regarding public affairs. By do so, we can explore whether the participation in public affairs in information age differ from the previous. Furthermore, whether the use of ICT facilitates political participation and civic engagement can be answered. An online survey was conducted and a total of 89 responses were collected in this study. The results suggested that the main purposes of being active on weblogs for those well-known bloggers were attributed to emotional expression and social interaction, only small amount of bloggers viewed weblog as the main platform to actively engage and promote public affairs. Nevertheless, the results reported that they were more likely to engage online public affairs than does that in real world. For those bloggers who were active on their weblogs regarding public affairs and political events, they also revealed active participation in civic engagement in the real world. Generally, they show high citizenship and online civic engagement than the others.