2014   July        ISSUE  27
Effects of Congruency between Visual Placement and Audio Placement in Mobile Advergaming
作者(中) 林慧斐
作者(英) Hui-Fei Lin
關鍵詞(中) 音樂品牌一致性、行動廣告、行動遊戲式廣告、注意力有限空間模式、訊息吻合架構
關鍵詞(英) music-brand congruence, mobile advertising, mobile advergaming, limitedcapacity model of attention, resource matching framework



  Music in advertising does not only transmit sensations, it also frames messages and primes brand performances. However, few studies have investigated audio placements of product names or slogans in product advertising theme songs. Furthermore, currently, with the ubiquity of smartphones and personalization of mobile phones,  mobile advertising is increasingly valued. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between product congruency regarding embedded music in mobile games and mobile advertising. The theoretical foundations draw on the classical conditioning theory, ELM, and the limited-capacity model of attention in order to examine the effects of audio and visual placement congruency on mobile advertising. The results showed that gamers have higher recall and more positive attitudes towards brands embedded in the game when there is a fit between the background music of the game and the brands placed in the game, than when there is no fit between the music and brands. In addition, attitude towards music mediates the relationship between the fit and brand attitude.

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