2017   July        ISSUE  33
Mobile Instant Messenger (LINE) and Parent-Teacher Communication: Exploring Positive and Negative Influencing Factors for Teachers' Acceptance
作者(中) 凃保民、黃月琴
作者(英) Bau-Min Tu, Yueh-Chin Huang
關鍵詞(中) 行動即時通訊、LINE、親師溝通、延伸整合性科技接受模式、隱私風險、收發焦慮
關鍵詞(英) mobile instant messenger (MIM), LINE, parent-teacher communication, united theory of acceptance and use of technology 2 (UTAUT 2), perceived risk, anxiety of message receiving and sending
中文摘要 本研究目的旨在了解國小教師運用行動即時通訊LINE進行親師溝通之現況,以及探究影響教師接受的正、負向影響因子與使用意圖及使用行為之關係。本研究以延伸整合性科技接受模式為理論基礎,並增加隱私風險與收發焦慮兩個變項。本研究以公立國小教師為研究對象,共發放450份問卷,回收437份,回收率97.1%,有效問卷430 份,有效回收率95.6%。其結論如下:績效預期、社會影響與促成條件對行為意圖有正向顯著影響;隱私風險與收發焦慮對行為意圖有負向顯著影響。行為意圖與促成條件對使用行為有正向顯著影響。
英文摘要 The main purposes of this study are to realize the current condition of primary school teachers' adopting mobile instant messenger (MIM), LINE, to carry on parent-teacher communication, and to explore the correlation among positive and negative influencing factors, behavioral intention and behavior of use for teachers' acceptance. Based on united theory of acceptance and use of technology 2 (UTAUT 2), perceived risk and anxiety of message receiving and sending were added in research framework. The subjects of this study were public primary school teachers. 450 questionnaires were distributed and 437 were retrieved, with return rate 97.1%, valid for 430 copies and valid return rate 95.6%. The findings of this study were summarized as follows. There is a significant positive effect of performance expectancy, social influence, and facilitating conditions on behavioral intention; there is a significant negative influence of perceived risk as well as anxiety of message receiving and sending on behavioral intention. There is a positive significant effect of behavioral intention and facilitating conditions on behavior of use.

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