Cyborg, Utopia



Author:Chien-Hua Su


Keywords:Utopia、cyborg、power of technology




It is the aim of technology development to create a happy living environment, and ultimately, to create the country of Utopia. Setting out from Haraway's declaration of Cyborg, we foresee the possibility of another liberation after Marx. The dream of liberating our bodily limit and expanding our mind space is no longer in our imagination, but gradually coming to pass—It may not have actually come, but people believe that it is approaching from not far away. In the process of searching for actualizing the dream, we invade conjecture, but at the same time we are also invaded by conjecture. With a quantitative change, quality also changes and human is becoming a hybrid being, cyborg, both physically and spiritually. While immersing in the pleasure of taking the advantage of technology, we suddenly realize that something is wrong. In the process of making use of technology, the power of technology apparently has already gone beyond individual control. We are coming to realize that the claim of a prospect in individual liberation may be the biggest lie of this times.

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