Yes or No? 線上遊戲經驗之相關議題研究
Yes or No? A Research of Issues Related to On-Line Games Experiences



Author:Sheng-Yi Wu & Feng-Chai Lin


Keywords:on-line game, ability to solve problems, motive


資訊時代與網路寬頻化的基礎,讓線上遊戲成為高附加價值的產業。尤其近年來景氣低迷中,線上遊戲卻逆勢成長。自2000年來,寬頻網路市場成長快速,隨著寬頻的普及,線上遊戲的市場規模亦呈倍數成長。線上遊戲風靡全台,成為青少年的最愛。究竟線上遊戲為何會有如此致命的吸引力?線上遊戲對社會只有負面影響,沒有正面作用嗎?為何國內成人對線上遊戲的刻板印象是玩物喪志,迷上線上遊戲,就萬劫不復?本研究試從量化統計與質化分析的方式,探討中小學學生線上遊戲經驗的相關議題題,包含(1)參與線上遊戲的概況;(2)參與線上遊戲的動機因素;(3)參與線上遊戲的心理特質與接受程度;(4)對線上遊戲負面影響的瞭解;(5) 線上遊戲經驗與創造性問題解決的差異。


Information age and wide cable have provided a foundation for on-line games and it has become a high valued-added industry. Although the economy has been depressed in recent years, on-line game business still soars up the market. On-line games has taken a great share in the market and become teenagers' favorite. However, there are some questions need to be brought out. Why are the games so attractive? Are there only negative but no positive impacts to the society? Why is there a stereotype of students addicting to on-line games and fail their school works? This project will discuss various issues related to elementary and junior high school students' experiences on on-line games both from quantitative statistics and qualitative analysis as followings, A. General introduction to students' participation in on-line games. B. The motivations to be involved in on-line games. C. Attitude and Acceptance toward on-line games. D. Knowledge of negative impacts from on-line games. E. The differences between on-line games experiences and the resolutions of creative questions.