E - Japan Strategy for National Economy and Lesson for International ICT Cooperation



Author:Obi, Toshio & Naoko Iwasaki


Keywords:e-Japan Strategy, CIO, e-University, ICT Effect, APEC, Broadband






This paper is to analyze “e-Japan Strategy” and its implications to the Japanese national economy by ICT as well as International ICT cooperation against global Digital Divide issues. E-Japan Strategy originated in 2000 has made a remarkable progress for the 5-year socio- economic program which has led broadband access in Japan became No.1 in the World in terms of price and speed.

The paper consists of 10 chapters such hot issues as broadband development, Ubiquitous Society and CIO as well as crosscutting issues, trends and ICT cooperation. “e-Japan strategy” has made positive impact by ICT on national economy in the period. Cooperative measurement among government, industry and university based upon interdependence, convergence and collaboration.

As Japanese lessons hinted, we will have various opportunity in each nation on solution for reducing digital divide in Asia and Pacific region. This paper will demonstrate some of our activities on the issue for reference.