The Impact of User-Enerated Content (UGC) on Newspaper Election Coverage:Using Taiwan’ s 2016 Presidential Election as an Example


Author:Yu-Ling Lin

Keywords:user-generated content (UGC), professional incorporation, election news, online participation, interpretive frame


This study content analyzed Taiwan’s four major newspapers’ user-generated content (UGC) in their coverage of the 2016 presidential election. Results showed that news reports appeared to remain biased while incorporating the UGC into their routines and interpretive frames. However, the use of UGC during the election was not extensive, with only 183 pieces in five months, approximately one piece per day, and no more than two paragraphs apiece. Specifically, the UGC in the four newspapers was found to serve as the “opinions” and “images” of the internet users as the abstract, vague and anonymous public. In addition, UGC was driven toward the “campaign games (horse racing news),” preferring the “restricted frame” and “plural-closed frame” to other news frames in the political contest.

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