How is the “Augmented Reality” Possible in Pokemon GO?An Interpretative Approach of the Phenomenology of Technology


Author:Chia-Rong Tsao

Keywords:phenomenology of technology, Pokemon GO, augmented-reality games, the hybrid space, location-aware technologies


This study attempts to answer the question about how could the augmented-reality game Pokemon GO bring the experience of the augmentation and hybridization of reality. The author argues that the perspective of the phenomenology of technology is more suitable than the usual technical point of view and would bring more inspirations on this issue. From the perspective, the “augmentation of reality” results from: (1) the “taken-for- grantedness” of embodiment and hermeneutic relations between the players and the mobile devices makes the activities in hybrid space possible; (2) the players interprets virtual and physical information interweavingly on the basis of the incorporation of the embodiment and hermeneutic relations; (3) the “encounters” between players precisely make the “augmented reality” more prominent because of the interactions implying the ongoing accomplishment of the augmented reality.