ISSUE 39 2020, July

The Journal of Information Society

Foreword / Ran Wei


Keynote Speech for the 2019 Workshop on “Fake News and Information Warfare” / Moderator: Chen-Chao Tao, Keynote Speaker: Philip N. Howard

Research paper

The Impact of User-Enerated Content (UGC) on Newspaper Election Coverage:Using Taiwan’ s 2016 Presidential Election as an Example / Yu-Ling Lin

Keywords:user-generated content (UGC), professional incorporation, election news, online participation, interpretive frame

Research paper

How is the “Augmented Reality” Possible in Pokemon GO?An Interpretative Approach of the Phenomenology of Technology / Chia-Rong Tsao

Keywords:phenomenology of technology, Pokemon GO, augmented-reality games, the hybrid space, location-aware technologies

Research paper

Between Home and Travel: Procedural Rhetoric and Mobile Game “Traveling Frog” / Chang-Chieh Lee

Keywords:mobile game, Traveling Frog, procedural rhetoric, digital rhetoric

Research paper

An Exploratory Index For Facebook Users’ Privacy Concerns: The Relationship Between Attitude and Behavior / Shu-Lin Chiang, Chih-Yao Chang

Keywords:Facebook, Privacy Paradox, Privacy Risk Index (PRI), Static privacy, Dynamic Privacy